A response to hip hop artists reaction to Zaya Wade

Recently Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union appeared with there child who came out as transgender and now prefers to go by the name Zaya, an incredible show of bravery and thankfully Dwayne and Gabrielle have been going out of there way to be supportive.

unfortunately though some hip hop artists feel like its there place to talk about other peoples children with no form of education on the matter.

First off is fifty cent, although 50 cent has received some backlash as of late for a tweet, I don’t think its a sign of him being transphobic

This is the meme that he posted

While I do agree the post wasn’t funny, it doesn’t really show any form of hostility towards trans people.

If you are aware of 50 cents actions then you should be well aware he does this kind of stuff constantly.

50 cents sense of humour revolves around offensive things, not just to transgender people but to everyone.

I think that everything can be said in the context of comedy even if it in bad taste.

However you are entitled to backslash from your actions and being that the receiving end of a joke was a 12 year old girl, I can see why people are offended.

But while 50 did what can be perceived as a bad joke, there wasn’t any malcontent or any harmful rhetoric to it.

The next response I heard genuinely baffled me and left me with a hint of confusion, Young Thug responded purposefully misgendering and saying God doesn’t make mistakes.

Now this doesn’t seem like much of a scretch coming from someone you may assume isn’t open and very opinianated and religious but whats shocking about this is growing up in a highly religious background reading and rereading the bible there’s only one quote that is used against trans people

Now the more observant of you know that this is not a description that works with trans people, it much more correlates with crossdressing.

Now seeing as we like to forget high heels were originally invented for men and woman weren’t allowed to wear pants until the 1900s most people ignore this line, but for young thug, its different

A frequent crossdresser who pushes wearing dresses onto his mixtapes is judging someone for coming out as trans and try and justify it with religion is absolutely so hypocritical its jarring.

But worse than the hypocrisy came Boozie badazz, a 37 year old man who spells his name with two z’s, you may remember him as Lil boosie which he used to go by.

His initial response was this

Warning ignore the transphobia in the comments, people actually think this guy is intelligent.

So be it you want to express your opinions, but when your opinions are talking about a childs genitalia with no factual evidence and a refusal to listen to more educated people on the matter, that opinion is reflective of your character and the character he presents is extremely transphobic.

Not only does he correlate the ideals that dwaynes daughter is being forced into it, but also that being trans is a sexual thing and a quick surgery.

Gender identity has nothing to do with sexual identity, and pushing sexual ideals onto children is weird and creepy.

Being transgender is about personal identity and expression and is commonly noticed in childhood before sexuality develops.

The surgery he speaks of is non existent to this child and there was no mention of surgery taking place.

A quick look would tell you surgery is usually not obtained until years of hrt along with medical checks, transgender people usually waiting long after 18 before the surgery is attempted, that is, if the transgender person even decides to make that decision.

With these ill informed comments, he decided to appear on a livestream, did he educate himself? Did he apoligize? Did he even give any reason for why he felt this way? Of course not, he didn’t combat any criticism merely stated this is my opinion but when you can’t outright explain what made you come to these decisions then yeah, its difficult for me to think this is a talk about freedom of speech and more to try and attack a 12 year old for her identity, this is a 14 minute livestream of pure bull so listen if you can take it.

He was then booted from planet fitness for his transphobic comments which resulted in him accusing them of being racist, seriously…I’m not kidding.

But you must be thinking to yourself, surely this man must be a great father if his such a beacon of information and advice.

Lets leave the fact he was on trial for murder, in jail for seven years on drug chargesand the fact he has six kids by different baby mamas even though it raises questions about his involvement, its perfectly acceptable and fine to be a great dad even when circumstances are difficult its not like his outright said he beats his children…oh wait

Ah well, its not like his ever said he wants an older woman to perform oral sex on his fourteen year old son, oh wait…

Well his parenting is old fashioned but maybe it works, his son even had something to say on the whole controversy, maybe he showed some respect and compassion.

I blame the parents, but in all seriousness this guy giving advice on how to raise kids is ridiculous, i’m just doing what his doing though telling people how to raise there kids.

The difference between Dwayne and Boosies kids is theres a legit concern growing up with Boosies ideology.

His most recent interview he doubled down on the comments

And let me just say about boosie once and for all, yes he should have the right to an opinion.

But with a history of racism and homophobia, opinions can line in with verbal harrassment.

Lets take the fact zaya is transgender out of the equation and ask yourself what would be the reaction if for no reason, someone started talking on social media about a childs genitals when there was no reason, it would be a completely different story

Trans people especially children are just as uncomfortable talking about there genitals which should remain personal to them.

To spread a false narrative with no proof isn’t an opinion, its a prejudice.

And speaking about a childs genitals is creepy and perverted and should be looked at the same as when any child is sexualized.

You want to have a gender debate then go ahead but resolving that debate around a twelve year old whos not involved is forcefully attacking an individual not gender or the idea of it

Boosie probably won’t ever respond to any valid criticism because he can’t but I doubt he’ll let it go, his enjoying playing the victim.

The Transphobic Misinformation response

First of all, I would like to say, that being Transgender has become very difficult in the last few years, an approach to trans rights is often met with misinformation and narratives that show a very one sided link of events.

Many people complain about this recent wave of transgender people, coming out in the last couple of years to oppress and take the rights off of hard working individuals who simply can’t even express there opinion anymore, but is any of that true?

Records of transgender people go back 4500 years ago, were it was commonly expressed and accepted in communities before the globalization of religion and it was deemed unjust in the eyes of God, religion being used as a form of oppression and an excuse to harm others.

I’m not attacking Christianity or its morals, just stating the facts, if you want to say that you don’t have a problem with it, just because the bible says it, then I can’t take you at all seriously, the only quote from the bible referencing anything to do with gender identity is this statement, which came from King James version (who is also a well known bisexual, but people like for leave that out when arguing)

Deutoronomy 22:5

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

But that seems much more to do with crossdressing than anything to do with gender identity and also what is a man and a woman’s garment.

It may surprise you to know that high heels were invented for men, they were traced back to Persian men in the 10th century as a simple way of locking your feet into the stirrups during horse riding, it was adapted by cowboys, marines, and only began to become a popular fashion icon among woman during the time of world war I due largely to pin up posters.

The color pink was also more commonly associated with boys in the early 1900’s, as Pink was seen as a more vibrant color associated with men and woman would commonly be associated with blue, before a cultural shift.

And what is mans clothes, trousers even though, during creation, they were worn by both sexes, began to be associated with men, not just association, laws began to be passed in most us cities making it a criminal offence to wear pants, Ohio only legalized it in 1974, along with pants being a criminal offence in the senate until 1993.

So, there is no problem with woman wearing traditional men’s clothes but a man wearing traditional woman’s clothes violates the law of the bible?

Seems a bit hypocritical, especially seeing as this one quote is the only one that can be used in even close proximity to transgender people, applying sexual interactions like homosexuality is completely falsified as a transgender person may not even be willing to have sex.

But speaking of hypocrisy, growing up with religious family members and being scared to be destined to a life of hell, I read and reread the bible multiple times and for those who say, I don’t want to be against them, its just what the bible says, have probably never read the bible.

If you follow the bible, even with things you morally disagree with, then you must be aware of some other verses in the bible, you may not be familiar with but, I think you would say if you lived by them, you can’t be a good person

The promotion of Slavery

You may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT

Ephesians 6:5 NLT

Slaves, obey your masters with deep respect and fear. serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ

Exodus 21:20-21 When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished, however if the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished as the slave is his own property.


Timothty 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man, she must be silent


If a man is caught raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father then he must marry the young woman who violated her and will never be allowed to divorce her.


And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Avenge the children of Israel of the Midianites … And they warred against the Midianites, as the LORD commanded Moses; and they slew all the males … And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian captives, and their little ones … And Moses was wroth with the officers … And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive? … Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. Numbers 31:1-18

When thou comest nigh unto a city to fight against it … And when the LORD thy God hath delivered it into thine hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword: But the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself. Deuteronomy 20:10-14

How shall we do for wives for them that remain, seeing we have sworn by the LORD that we will not give them of our daughters to wives? … And the congregation sent thither twelve thousand men of the valiantest, and commanded them, saying, Go and smite the inhabitants of Jabeshgilead with the edge of the sword, with the women and the children. And this is the thing that ye shall do, Ye shall utterly destroy every male, and every woman that hath lain by man. And they found among the inhabitants of Jabeshgilead four hundred young virgins, that had known no man by lying with any male: and they brought them unto the camp to Shiloh. Judges 21:7-11

Go and lie in wait in the vineyards; And see, and, behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in dances, then come ye out of the vineyards, and catch you every man his wife of the daughters of Shiloh … And the children of Benjamin did so, and took them wives, according to their number, of them that danced, whom they caught. Judges 21:20-23

if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant … If she please not her master, who hath betrothed her to himself, then shall he let her be redeemed … If he take him another wife; her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish. Exodus 21:7-10

Child abuse:

Leviticus 20:19 if anyone curses his father or mother, he shall be put to death.

And here’s some things the bible condemns

  • Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material. Leviticus 19:19 (comes straight after the verse condemning men wearing woman’s clothes, but is easily forgotten
  • Ye shall not round the corners of your heads. Leviticus 19:27

Here’s quite some fascinating ones condemning handicapped people from not entering the kingdom of heaven

  • No one whose testicles are crushed or whose penis is cut off shall be admitted to the assembly of the LORD. Deuteronomy 23:1 NRSV
  • Whosoever … hath any blemish, let him not approach to offer the bread of his God. For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach: a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat nose, or any thing superfluous, Or a man that is brokenfooted, or brokenhanded, Or crookback, or a dwarf, or that hath a blemish in his eye, or be scurvy, or scabbed, or hath his stones broken … He shall not go in unto the vail, nor come nigh unto the altar, because he hath a blemish; that he profane not my sanctuaries. Leviticus 21:17-23 KJV

I could go on for ages about some ridiculous stuff in the bible, most people know contraception is a sin too, and so is eating any form of pork fish.

But these verses remain wildly forgotten and the people who like to quote homophobic and trans phobic material are rarely even aware of these verses, yet they do ignore some verses we all know, judge not lest ye be judged, Jesus said there is no such thing as man and woman and why is that?

Transphobia and homophobia never had anything to do with religion, it was just used as an excuse to try and get away with things, to willfully pick and choose what to believe in, that is not because of your religion that is because of personal opinion.

And using Christianity to try and justify your hateful rhetoric does nothing but hurt the outlook of Christianity, most Christians are normal people who don’t judge but even if they do judge, they keep it to themselves.

Now funnily enough, people have been trying to use biology to try and disprove transgenders and this is what I must warn you to do, if you would like to know, every biologist has said the exact same thing to me, gender is a neurological question and biological sex is far from simplistic, talk to a professional bioligist because many of the people who speak of biological sex do so with opinion related content, not having to rely on fact and logic, and also if you would like some insight, speak to an actual transgender person and ask them about their experiences.

The two sexes male and female has never been that simple, there is intersex people, there is people that can be born not just with an XXY chromosome but even reaching a multitude of four different chromosomes such as XXXXY and many other chromosome differences.

For the saying its not natural and you don’t see animals do it, that is an entirely false statement, many animals change sexes, clown fish, chickens, cuttle fish, Garter snake are a few examples but theirs multiple more, along with animals switching gender roles such as Lions who when they retire later in life take a more feminine role and help raise the younger cubs.

But its true, Gender and sex are two different things, Gender is internal and sex is external, you can judge what a human is by there biology, but you leave out a couple of important facts, sociology and neurology, two massive factors that need to be said.

When you study animals, you look at them from a biological, neurological and sociological standpoint, and when we study humans, we are studying much more complex sociological and neurological build, to bring it down to biology takes away the human aspect that derides, from experiences, thoughts, decisions along with not taking into account the functionality of the human brain, to unwillingly take things into account is completely unscientific.

And in neurological studies, there has been some breakthrough achievements, with scientific scans showing that transgenders peoples brains function in the way that works with the gender that they claim they identify as.

Biology is biology, also sociology is sociology, also neurology is neurology, stating what something is doesn’t make any contribution to study, no matter how edgy many people think it sounds to them and their peers.

And to these people who say Trans rights will oppress others, how come, the gender pronoun debate never happened in my country, the bathroom debate didn’t either, the law was changed and people didn’t take a second look.

Along with the multiple other countries never having these talks during trans rights.

They say you can get arrested for misgendering someone, when the law states, you can’t misgender someone repeatedly as a form of harassment, and apparently how it is an attack on freedom of speech and opinion.

But there’s an old saying that has been largely disregarded in the talks of opinion, keep your opinion to yourself, it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with something, nothing is making you force that opinion onto other people.

Multiple people don’t believe in religion, but mocking someones religion if that religious person doesn’t like it can be viewed as harassing that person, you might think oh, religious beliefs are different though than my beliefs.

Unfortunately though, that’s not the way it works, you can’t dictate how strongly someone agrees with what they believe in, especially judging from your own personal view absurdities to you may be how people base there life.

if you’re offending that person, you don’t have to be around that person, you don’t have to associate with that person but if you refuse to leave them alone while continually saying something that makes them uncomfortable, then that is harassment.

And harassment is why the gender protection law was put into place, and a law is something you certainly can’t break on regard of personal opinion, especially if you aware of that law and you make a point to go against it.

I should be entitled to live my life how I see without having opinions I didn’t ask for forced onto me, and so should you.

I apologize if I hurt anyone who is a christian with my rant, but I was referring to a select group of Christians who use there religion for any excuse that they can, to try and paint others as evil for not believing what they believe in, saying how they don’t want your lifestyle to be forced on them, but then going out of the way to attack your lifestyle based on personal morals.

I wasn’t trying to take a shot at Christianity as a religion either, I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of some people.

And this is a statement, if you want to be informed about transgender people, biology and the factors then go to a local scientist, or an authenticated scientific site with factual information, not opinion related news articles, or better yet speak to a transgender person, be polite and ask them some questions about how they live.

Transgender people are a very small percentage, so most people who have formed an opinion on transgender people have never met one, if we’ve learned anything from racism and homophobia is that dehumanization and segregation can be manipulated into making a large group of people turn against a minority.

Anti-SJW, Trolling and Gaming Culture

First of all, I would like to say, that describing yourself as a gamer is in no way bad and would like to explain to you a little bit of history on gaming, and although I say I don’t like being described with a label as you are then associated with the most extremist forms of that group, I never cared being described as a gamer because it simply states a love of video games, and the culture of video gaming is just a culture with a common interest, the love of video games, well that was what it used to represent, nowadays, the description of gaming culture has become something much more sinister,

When I was young, I, I absolutely loved video games, the first game I ever played was sonic the hedgehog, on the genesis but in my country, the genesis was actually called the Sega mega drive 2, the first mega drive being named after the master system, Sonic the Hedgehog was also the first game I completed when I was five years old, chaos emeralds and all, not because I was that amazing but because the other list of games with no way to really see what being was reviewed as a good game, my library pretty much consisted of real crappy movie tie ins, that I know if you had been around at that time was a frequent problem, there was just a field of crap and a good game every once in a while.

That’s what started my love of gaming, and I have been a fan ever since, my favorite games of all time are the Ocarina of Time, San Andreas (V’s not bad but San Andreas was just so mind blowing for me when I originally played it and I still play it, with mods its still awesome) Silent Hill 2, my moneys really tight and I don’t have a good living situation so I can only afford a 360 at the minute, I’m playing the final fantasy 13 trilogy at the moment, I’m on the second one, can’t stand it, but I made it this far so unfortunately I’m going to power through.

In 2006 I got online when we got a family PC, I was around fourteen at the time, if you were on the internet in 2006, you’ll know what the interests were, AVGN started and he was awesome, still is, Forums were pretty much just anonymous posts were you chat and met friends online, people would make memes but they pretty much never got spread around and were original, people had usernames like Waluigismember6969

Gaming in those times did have a common enemy, every day conservative groups would come together, the hot coffee mod was completely blown out of proportion with right wing media like fox news trying to blame it for real life violence and conservative lawyer Jack Thompson’s reign of screaming about non-existent things in video games was popular.

Right wing media was completely against video games and they would lie because they were allowed because it was labelled as opinion related content, they could present it as news and say it was fact that there was rape and full form sex in GTA.

This existed long into the 2010s, with conservative and liberals finally agreeing when Hilary Clinton stated that video games were violent, but people reported on the Hilary Clinton statement both sides, talked about it in a positive light.

But what people can see if they look back at the Hilary Clinton controversy, is she was critisized by her own side, savagely in fact, in actuality, the theory that Hilary Clinton was even popular among the left is an overstatement seeing as most people who voted for her wanted Sanders and only picked her because she was better than the orange man.

There was a sort of liberal rise at the time, with a select group of feminists beginning to speak out about video games and shit finally hit the fan when Anita Sarkessian came onto the scene, making false statements that didn’t exist in media also showing how bias the media could be, however, looking past the fact that the media was only introduced to her side of the story, seeing as she was the one going around speaking out.

Gamer’s came together to show how disproved they were, of her statements and actions and although there was possibly some sexists in the group, the majority of people just were offended by someone talking bad about something they loved, gamer’s succeeded immensely especially seeing as this group was only a small group of feminists, not a majority

This caused a distrust for gaming media along with a distrust for media as a whole, but it gave an idea to some large conservative campaigns, while the SJW compilations were getting popular, they began to create there own characters to provide their own spin on things in there favor, almost overnight, Anti-SJWs popped up on all forms of media but mainly among YouTube, people funded by rich businessmen behind the scenes, and of course a few copycats would follow.

They watched gaming’s reaction and how they came together realizing, this group of people could be manipulated and bought to their side, the opinion related content to provide misinformation that has existed for all these years against video games, now being used apparently to defend it, or that is what they say, but actions speak louder than words.

Suddenly from the switch from 2014 onward suddenly the left and liberal media was now the prime enemy of gaming seemingly wiping away all the previous history of conservatism vs video games, now suddenly they stated that feminism was always the main rival of video games.

Gamer’s were angry and hurt, gamer gate, most who had signed up for gamer gate didn’t do it for sexist actions, they did it because they felt there games were under attack and being called sexist for that felt like an attack.

And these people decided to play that to their advantage, it no longer became laughing at the ridiculous feminist or trans SJW, they were adding their own narrative, protected under opinion related content, they could dress themselves up as news channels or have some professional looking cartoon avatar but under opinion related content, that means, that no fact, logic or truth needs to be necessary as its the individuals personal opinion.

But most gamer’s were young and looked up to these people, and these people could just simply state there opinion as fact, while dismissing others as ridiculous, its pretty much the exact same thing Fox news has been doing for years Fox news may look like a news channel but its actually trademarked as entertainment as it can’t be legally stated as news because it doesn’t fall under any truth and the stories are regarded by personal opinion.

They riled up and talked about Gamer’s vs feminism, only taking news from right wing media sites, while also adopting news articles from popular media and taking it out of context, its a simple thing you will easily notice when you pay attention to these videos, when they present an article, they don’t rely on the story but take small quotes from it and never ever show the full article, a lot of them going as far as to blur out the surrounding letters

While personally saying how they interpret it, but if you read the actual articles they usually paint a completely different story, it quickly became about media as a whole and how they’re replacing white characters with black characters or that female leading lady movies were complete crap, stuff that has nothing to do with gaming.

Then it became even further seeped into equality and rights, suddenly they were picking up news stories of transgender people and feminists that had absolutely nothing to do with gaming and giving their own personal spin of why it was bad.

This was what they wanted gaming to become, the alternative to popular culture, everything against it, they began to get more and more ridiculous and angry claiming that any form of LGBTQ+ inclusion or form of female empowerment was damaging in the media ignoring gaming has always been LGBTQ+ inclusive, Birdo from Super Mario, in 1988, Poisin from Final fight, trans characters were in games years before mainstream media ever gave them a chance.

San Andreas had a leading black character in 2004, that remained the highest selling video game of all time for over ten years

1999 Smackdown had gender neutral clothes and now they’re complaining about it in Detroit: become human, Lara Croft became a sexual icon because she was a strong character who was confident in her sexuality, not because of her looks, I mean come on, shes a load of pixelated blocks, cop a feel and you’d cut your hand.

Bridget from Guilty Gear 2, I could give you a million examples, the point is LGBTQ+ inclusion has always been there since the creation of video games, and so has gender neutrality and so has racial equality, maybe you never noticed but its always been there.

The only reason its becoming noticed now is because a group of people or pointing them out and the only reason they’re a problem is because they try and convince you that there a problem, Gaming was once simply about the love of gaming and these people try to make it a problem by letting everyone share in that love of gaming somehow being a problem, that goes against everything that being a gamer is about, it was always supposed to be simply about games, not beliefs.

And this constant outrage they produce fueling the fire of the trolls while praising them for there efforts is were gaming meets the biggest problem, because while it gives them the satisfaction to gather groups with them to mock SJWs creates a massive problem.

Not only have they not made it clear as to what these people or companies or about that they attack, but it also ruins the reputation of gaming as a whole, they may praise trolling as a successor tool but it literally makes no sense the way they think,

People call us racist so lets act and say racist things but its an inside joke to our group and were not really racist, do you see the problem?

If you’re being accused of racism, or homophobia or transphobia, to act that way to troll someone while not making it clear your intentions doesn’t make any sense, even if you say your joking, if the other person doesn’t get the joke then it still looks serious.

It may be funny to the person but at the end of the day, it accomplishes nothing but turning people outside of gaming culture against it, you may have anonymity on the internet but gaming culture has a reputation that you represent as a gamer.

And one massive fact that a lot of people seem to overlook is the fact that you may not be a racist or a sexist but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, while you may be saying things to be edgy, there is people that believe and actually act this way.

And the allowance of this kind of behavior allows real racists, sexists, homophobes and transphobes, real neo-nazis to actually use it as a defense, they can easily get involved in the gaming community, especially seeing as most people keep up with the news revolving stuff like this and blend into the community without getting a second glance.

What you need to understand about people like this is that they can be very convincing but they’ll eventually slip up and if you’re around defending them, then your reputation and the things you say you represent also take a hit as well.

And this happens frequently with Anti-SJWs go down consistently when there true side usually comes out and you can save your own face by disassociating with them, but still they’ll be described as a member of gaming culture and a gaming icon.

And a big thing that shows me they don’t care about video games is that they put there political motives first, when Donald Trump complained about video games, the people who would scour the internet for any sign of news would suddenly go quiet, when republicans began to blame video games for the mass shootings, when Donald Trump began to blame violent videogames for mass shootings, when fox media began to push false science to promote why violent videogame’s were a massive problem and shouldn’t be allowed, the anti-SJW scene didn’t make a sound.

Defending gaming has never been what they wanted, they just want more people to support them for political needs, and they will drag down the reputation of gaming and you and me and anyone else if you allow them.

They might tell you its about freedom of speech and opinion, yet the only reason they complain is for monetization to get paid and spread there message, but they don’t tell you, at that in 2016 you weren’t even allowed have the title transgender, gay or lesbian in your title while they could freely make videos mocking these people.

Youtube only changed these rules after mass backlash, and while content creators like Pewdepie, Pyrocinical, Memelous get mass demonitization, how come, if the anti-SJW community is so bad, that they don’t suffer any demonitization.

Well youtube has often came out publically and stated there afraid of the backlash they’ll recieve from these people with Susan stating she gets death threats frequently for bans, that shouldn’t be allowed to scare a company into getting your way.

Don’t worry, you can get demonitized for saying a curse word, for making a sexual statement, for false copyright claims, but as long as you only spread misinformation about a minority of people, then that is completely fine.

This is what I hate against YouTube, there corporate lying cowards and I think I have my next blog, they overly demonitize people who have done nothing, then say a real Nazi propoganda video, is freedom of speech, same as they said with those freaking ISIS recruitment videos a couple of years ago.

These people have used fear mongering to try and weaponize a whole community come together for entertainment purposes against groups of people who have been fighting for there rights, not in a discussion but in a smear campaign.

For all the years, that feminism has been active, sure theirs been feminists that complain about it, but never once have they come together to protest against videogames, for all the time trans rights has been fought for, they’ve never been a time were trans have been against video games, no time has any other culture ever actively fought to stop video games, nor have any of these groups ever petitioned to get video games banned, look up the facts.

Since 2014 with gamergate since the beginning of time, none of these groups have ever come out and said they were looking to ban video games, its only been other groups that have said it and this is were I warn you.

You might hear people complain about SJWs ruining video games but they’ve never really done anything, sure a group of people may get annoyed but nothing will ever come of it, and that’s not for feminist and trans, that’s for every group, and theirs a difference between complaining about something and fighting against it.

But the anti-SJWs, the ones that use your community’s name is dragging it down all the time.

Gaming as I’ve said multiple times is about loving games and if you try and say that anti-SJW culture and gaming are the same thing then you’re not a gamer, you’re just a person who’ll use gaming as an excuse to get your political ideals and personal opinions across, no matter what kind of damage you do, they can say its always been about gaming but actions speak louder than words.

Sorry for this being so long, I had a lot of stuff to say about it and I want to make it clear, most gamer’s are awesome people who just want to come discuss video games and play together, my problem isn’t with them, my problem is with the people who’ve entered the gaming community and started putting their political ideas first.

They’re much less popular than they once were but that only makes them more desperate, and I for one really don’t want to see stupidity become popular once again, especially when that stupidity is trying to ride off of something meant to be loved by everyone

A family is a family

While I browsed the internet this morning, I came across a group of people and I heard some things I haven’t heard of in quite a while, it was a youtube video about the damaging effects of children growing up in LGBTQ+ homes, you may remember this argument from years ago when the debate of LGBTQ+ people being allowed to adopt children was coming into law.

With trans rights kind of taking center stage, in the last couple of years, the pronoun debate, the bathroom debate, this debate was going in the back burner for a while, but just because I haven’t seen it in a while and its not the most popular topic anymore doesn’t mean the people that advocate against it have forgotten about it are or any less passionate about it, they still exist, just because this topic isn’t plastered over the internet or the forums as it once was doesn’t mean the fight isn’t still being fought against, if you want to find a group of people against it, its not hard to find on the internet and there form of thinking usually aligns with transphobia and racism too, trust me, you spend enough time about these people, you’ll realize they come pretty much in a package.

I think the beauty of this debate, was that people who weren’t involved in the LGBTQ+ community knew the options, it doesn’t matter how they feel about the people, its a better alternative than leaving a child homeless or taking the chance of a family away from him.

And while the legalization came into effect allowing homosexual people to be allowed to adopt children came into effect, it played beautifully, homophobic groups waited with baited breath for something bad to happen, for someone to molest a child, for children with homosexual groups to start becoming homosexual themselves, so they could begin to report on it and put there narrative on it, when one person does it, they can effectively use it as an example of the whole community but nothing major ever happened.

There was no proof of children learning to become homosexual like they said, there was no mass molestation of children like they said, there was no suicidal claims on the basis of having homosexual parents, nothing, the fear mongering narrative they had tried to present was showing not one sign of proof and as the time went on, most people began to realize this.

The kids who grew up with two fathers or two mother families were kids, no different than any other kids, now most of us could see from the start that these absurd claims, were never going to work, most people know sexuality is something you don’t choose, most people know that there’s no link between homosexuality, identity and pedophilia, but to the people that had screamed so loud it was and that these things were inevitable, it was becoming more and more pointless, a lot of people began to move onto the more current laws that were coming into place, but some still remain stagnant onto this day on the same talking points they were using from the start.

Now, I’m not saying that these homophobes dispersed in number nor am I saying they were becoming more tolerant, less passionate or changed their views I’m just saying the internet outrage about it was dying down because it wasn’t the law at this time.

But they are still people who say this to this day, just because they’re less vocal doesn’t mean they’re not there, but as I discuss these type of people, there’s one thing, I would like to address that doesn’t get talked about as much, while the main focus has always been on homosexuals raising children being adopted, especially due to this specific law there has always been a disdain by racists for children growing up in different cultured families, its something that I find doesn’t nearly get talked about enough but I feel should be a problem that should have much more attention drawn to.

First of all, learning sexuality, there has never been any proof, scientifically or historically to prove this, the only scientific processes that have been taken have only actually worked in efforts to disprove this, also it raises a question that perplexes when claiming to care about the safety of children.

Claiming that a child’s sexuality being different and a negative thing, while also proving that having a homosexual child is something bad to have, if you are putting that as one of your main complaints then it becomes clear that you would put your beliefs of sexuality being wrong above the safety and security of children.

Any parent that actually loved there child wouldn’t view there sexuality as a problem or at least come to some kind of way to love there child through it even if it went against what they believed, or at least try and make an effort to listen to their child, even if we lived in an alternate world were they proved sexuality could be learned, I think I’d rather have a chance of turning out differently in exchange for having a family because sexuality isn’t important to me and doesn’t affect my personality.

The claims of pedophilia are nothing new to the LGBTQ+ community, fundamentalist christian groups have always claimed homosexuals or transgender people were pedophiles with no evidence to back up that theory, there is no hope really trying to convince them otherwise of this but there is what I consider strong evidence to prove that this claim is just an excuse.

Because these people will usually actively defend, the catholic church and the child sex scandal that took place there, you know what? if you actively cared about children, you would look at the facts that were staring you right in the face, I don’t mean condemn or leave your religion but the inability to even say that that was wrong shows no care for children’s safety.

I never saw the same crowd of people calling homosexuals or transgender people pedophiles also calling the members involved in the child sex scandals pedophile

(Interesting factoid : The day the vatican released the multiple page document denouncing gender was also the same day that the tax returns were released from the catholic church’s payments to get convicted pedophiles out on bail, guess which got in the news more?)

I’ve heard racists try and justify not allowing people to raise people who are different races because somehow they will not learn about there history or culture, first of all family is the most important culture and, history can be learnt, I’ve seen a lot of white families who have Asian and black kids and like to teach them about their history and take them to learn about their culture.

Culture and history is important but having the different blood doesn’t mean it can’t be learned, at the end of the day, what comes first is does the child have a bed to sleep at night? does the child have a family that loves them and supports them?

History and culture is considered important but not as important as giving a child a loving home and a family.

I’m sorry if I come across as emotional but this touches a personal spot for me, I could never be myself with the family I was born into leading to me being disowned, I find solace in my friends and they who I consider my family, not because of blood, but because of the love that they’ve shown for me and ability to love me for who I am.

But whilst I grew up confused, I would pray for a family as a child who would love me for who I was, to have that family, I wouldn’t care if they were white,black,Asian,gay,trans, they could be anything to me and it wouldn’t matter as long as they did one thing, loved me.

And I’m certain if I went to any child who didn’t have a parent right now, if they gave me a home and a family, their sexuality, gender identity or their race would be the last thing I would be focusing on.

So much time and effort has been put into trying to disprove these theories but the thing is its always been so much simpler than that, a child doesn’t need a mother and father to be okay, the most important thing that matters is that the child is loved and happy.

If your offended in anyway by a child not having a mother and father as parents, then they’re not the one with the problem, you are, its 2020 and families can be made up of any group of people, and just because a lot of families are different doesn’t make them any less than any other family.

The cancel culture to cancel culture

Political magazines, entertainment, magazines, news magazines often describe cancel culture as a frequent abusive form of power, a gauntlet swung by the masses to intimidate other people who don’t share the same opinion as they do.

Some even describe it as one of the worst attacks on the freedom of speech of the 2010s with people like Piers Morgan screaming about crazy activists and this awful culture that is attacking everyone for there opinion, the effects of comedy and art are being destroyed because of some crazy types of people are coming together to attack any opinion they don’t agree with.

But when they scream about this diabolical products of the 2010s, they miss out on a fact that rarely gets told, cancel culture has always existed, Cancel culture is used to describe a group of people coming together to effectively try and stop someone or something from succeeding, using their opinion in opposition to another, person or company.

But this description can be applied multiple times looking at the history of the internet, and even before the creation of the internet because it has existed for as long as politics, and stature has existed, just because it has a fancy new name to it and some try and add specifics on it, the more you define it, the more it becomes obvious, cancel culture is just another word for public outrage.

Fundamentalist religious groups have always banded together on the internet and through mass posting to complain about the inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters or actions in cartoons, when I was a kid, conservative parents were always banding together to ban all video-games and violent media (Fox news didn’t help, hot coffee anyone)

Even before the internet, mass outrage and joining together to stop something they disagreed with is a common staple of sharing that particular view with someone, just because it is now labelled as cancel culture, I could apply it to anyone, men being offended by the Gillette commercial and then a mass boycott, cancel culture, Chick Fil-As reveal of funding the torture and murder of LGBTQ+ people leading to a mass boycott, cancel culture, hell even, the public outrage of people refusing to see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie that was so bad they had to make a redesign.

All of these views are just examples of things but my main point is to show you, that cancel culture has always been existent and can be applied to anything in a similar position, there has been campaigns against sexist, racist or homophobic employers online and offline calling for people to be fired, way before cancel culture was a thing.

But there is an unfaltering flaw that hangs around the outrage of cancel culture, the opposition comes that it is effectively trying to silence someones opinion and an attack on someones freedom of speech, but even though you may call it cancel culture, its still contains, individuals, all individuals who also have freedom of speech and opinion.

Just because someone may be a large celebrity or a large company doesn’t mean, they are entitled to have there opinion above others along with the freedom of speech being massively misquoted, freedom of speech applies for protection from the government, not others opinions, when you, me a celebrity, a politician, a world leader make a public statement such as something as simple as a tweet, you are transforming your opinion from an internal thought into a public statement, whatever context, it may have, even if its supposed to be just a joke, it has transformed now into something to be viewed and discussed by people and if we want to say that everyone has equal rights to share there opinion, then everyone, everywhere needs to be able to share there opinion, even if its massively confrontationail to someone else, both should be able to express it.

But once that opinion is expressed, it is now up for people to dissect and form there own opinion on, and if it is a case that is involved in court regarding something such as hate speech, then public opinion or outrage won’t change it, the law has nothing to do with yours, mine or anyone else’s opinion, someone may be a murderer but if they don’t think it was wrong then that doesn’t make them innocent, that is what the point of a trial is.

The swaying of someones twitter feed has never been a relevant concern in court cases because already judges are sworn to an oath to give a fair trial, if they had given any proof or any notion to be swayed by public opinion then that would be an illegality in itself, seeing as a judges decision and the trial must be looked through a non bias perspective.

In a court of law as some people have so feared from being found guilty, opinions don’t matter, in the world, legally, my opinion doesn’t matter, your opinion doesn’t matter, nobody’s opinion matters unless those opinions become actions or statements that are considered to be a breach in accordance to law.

With companies, if they see the public backlash, they will not want to be associated with you, most companies don’t want to be seen with someone even if a lot of people don’t consider what someone said, lets say racist, if a large group of people still consider to see something as racist, then that company doesn’t have any legality to hold onto that person, especially when the views they express can damage there business and cause potential lawsuits for customers.

And for the celebrities, unfortunately, yes some people, will just jump on the bandwagon to throw a little bit of hate onto a celebrity they already personally dislike, its a shame but as long as they’re not pushing violence or harassment onto that celebrity, then they are still entitled to their opinion.

The cancel to cancel culture will not go anywhere because unfortunately, people can band together to express there dislike at something even if you don’t agree with it, I am completely against censorship laws to LGBTQ+ content but when religious groups send in letters or went through mass hysteria online, I couldn’t just call it cancel culture, I had to suck it up.

I can argue and let my opinion be known, but me telling someone what they should and shouldn’t be offended by is pointless seeing as its an emotional response, It would be like me telling someone they should be happy, I can tell them repeatedly but they decide what kind of mood they are in and me saying how they feel doesn’t make it true.

Cancel culture has existed long before the internet and long after whatever name people would like to spin on it but the outrage against cancel culture is a waste of time, groups will always band together to fight for or against something you dislike, you can complain about what they’re doing and argue with them based on what they’re doing or saying at the current moment.

But at the end of the day, complaining about the idea of cancel culture itself is pointless, its pointless and its hypocritical because it only means someone who is offended by the ideas of other people being offended, Cancel Culture is nothing more than a distraction to try and make a group of peoples opinions look irrelevant and a loose way to immediately place a staple of victim hood on whoever is the person that instigated it as some form of censorship victim, unfortunately to cancel, cancel culture would be to silence those people, even if you don’t agree with their opinion, trying to effectively silence others is a complete 180 from the people who say they want cancel culture gone.

The Massive Problem With T.E.R.Fs

Now, I am going to be one hundred percent honest, even though, I get involved with woman’s rights frequently usually aligning with feminists in acts of opposing sexism, I don’t generally like to call myself a feminist, same way even though I frequent LGBTQ+ rights being transgender myself, I don’t like to call myself a trans activist, not because I have any disrespect for them but in my own personal viewing, I like to align myself with groups on the morals, facts and logic, I see situating and try to distance myself from personal sway, seeing also as becoming part of a group, the most rapid forms of extremism of that group will always be used against you.

Feminism began to get a horrific reputation in the 2010’s with the rise of internet culture, conservative groups began to bring controversial speakers onto college campus’s, not for the opportunity to be educated but in order to gauge a reaction from people who were offended by it, it became an internet phenomenon, during this time, wait for one person to extremely overreact and flip out, record them, then label it as feminist goes crazy, as sinister as it is, it was quite genius, the more this happened, the more peoples view of feminism was askew.

The focus had been shifted onto not whats rights were being discussed but to a simple mockery of a woman’s actions, and as crazy as we saw all these woman be, most feminists were simply casualty’s caught in a crossfire, this small group of extremists screaming and crying and acting immature were only a small bit of feminism, as with every group, there will be extremists, but subversively switching the public’s view into believing that this small group was a representation of a whole group was an extreme crush to feminists vadility.

Any woman who even remotely spoke of feminist views was labelled an SJW or a crazy leftist, not for what she said but for the reputation that was proceeding her, along with multiple woman who tried to combat these views usually being lost to the majority due to popularity, peoples primary reason for you tube is entertainment, not education thus the process of freak outs was much more appealing to the general audience.

With the gamer gate conspiracy blowing up, it caused a rise in Anti-SJW and opinion related content allowing people to take advantage of commonly young men and paint feminism as a direct opposition to gaming, that woman fighting for there rights and for better representation in the media, many confused people were being told about how this was an attack on there rights

Feminists wanted to ban video games, wanted to replace all men in the media, were entitled to better laws than men, these were weaponized into attacks on the #metoo movement which was regardless if you think some people took it out of control, it was for an extremely great cause, to stop the sexual assault that ran rampant and for years, people could get away with ruining someones life and this was a public protest to show people didn’t want sexual assault anymore.

Things had begun to be bombarded by ridiculous questions like, oh if it was a man, it would be a different story, or feminists are overreacting to nothing, or even sexism and the patriarchy doesn’t exist, its just feminists overreacting

The reputation of feminism had hit one of its all time lows and in combat to this, feminists began to try and distance themselves from the extremists, creating a new title known as feminazis but regardless, feminsim had taken a massive hit to its reputation.

But while you may remember this, this was the exact same tactics that were used against trans people, crazy trans people almost everyday on the internet or simply stories taken out of context to comply with a different narrative to present to the public

Things like the bathroom debate, Gender pronouns, freedom of speech all became ways to target trans people and make them look like they were vilifying the public into changing there beliefs.

For all the T.E.R.Fs who like to say Transgender woman will never see the same oppression as woman, need to remember that during these times, not long ago, Feminist, SJWs and Transgenders were the topic of discussion frequent among Anti-SJW types, the same people that tried to convince the world feminism was nothing more than a front for woman to seize power were the exact same people who tried to convince the world Transgender people were non-existent.

And that is the pure baffling notion that T.E.R.Fs put forth to me, the talking points they use while saying they promote the equality of all woman are the same talking that originate from the same people who try everything to combat the very thing they say they’re against.

it creates this uneasy alliance completely born of similar hatred but it completely hangs onto this compatibility, when you take away this singular compatibility, you have two groups of people, one group who actively combats the ideals of feminism and the other that has views based on transphobic but also sexist beliefs.

Why do I say that T.E.R.Fs have sexist beliefs and not just trans phobic beliefs, well, let me put it to you this way, there whole reasoning for combating trans woman is that men cannot be trusted, while there stance against trans woman remains indifferent, it is a belief perpetrated that men are vile perverts and are born that way while genetic females are timid, if you take away the transgender aspect and see from their view that they view men as the only one compliant with violence.

The belief upon biology is completely anti-feminist too, if you are accurate in the history of feminism, you may remember the slanderous ideals that was passed unto woman due to what was considered biological science in the time of the suffragettes.

The study of woman being less intelligent was a popular biological study to discredit woman based only on the simple notion that woman had smaller brains, whilst it is true in biological terms woman have smaller brains, this study has been massively disproven when the study became common knowledge that the size of someones brain wasn’t measurable with their intelligence.

Biological science has also been held against woman to claim they will never be as strong as men due to there stature, biological science also uses woman being hormonal to devalue there statements, men and even some woman have constantly used biological science to demean woman are make them seem biologically inferior to men.

The problem with basing your whole view of science on biological science is that your only viewing biological science, when we discuss and comment on what makes a human, there is also neurology and sociology that we need to take into account, to ignore these two aspects of science and only judge what a woman should be based on biology, is looking at when you say i’m proud to be a woman is not because of the great accomplishments woman have made but the fact I was lucky enough to be born a woman, and to me and I’m sure a lot of you, a woman is more than a body.

Feeling proud to be a woman to me was being proud to say, I share the name woman with all amazing woman out there past present and future that have done, are doing and continue to do amazing things, because of there intelligence, bravery, strength, decisions and integrity, not because of chromosomes or what body they were born with.

Focusing on woman’s bodies was what men in power were doing, calling them weak stupid, even trying to make the notion that because of there bodies and there reproductive organs, they weren’t suited for work but suited to birth babies

Feminism to me began as a way to show, womanhood was more than meets the eye, it was done as a point to show that it didn’t matter what men said, when a man said, woman will never be as strong as men, its science a woman proved him wrong, when a man said a woman would never be as smart as a man, its science woman proved him wrong, no matter what views you have on feminism, to me when I hear feminist, I think of a group of woman defined by there fight and will power for what is right.

No matter what way the T.E.R.Fs try and word it, it always comes back to the same thing, you can never be a woman based on your body, and that is so anti-feminist, I don’t even know why they have the nerve to try and compare themselves to the great woman who came before us, feminism is about the right to not judge someones womanhood, especially when being judged on your womanhood was another component of feminism, even today its a rampant judgement that most feminists are completely against, no one should have the right to say you don’t dress like a woman, you’re not acting ladylike, you seem very mannish, because its judging someones womanhood, your womanhood as a woman is an internal pride and when you feel you want to express your womanhood, if you want to wear a beautiful pink dress, great, if you want to wear an old tracksuit and still feel like a woman then that’s fine too because you decide your view on womanhood and how you want to express it, and if you feel like a woman and you feel beautiful then you are no matter what anyone says to you, your beauty and your womanhood is for you and you alone to decide and to those who judge it its none of there business and that’s exactly how I feel about T.E.R.Fs when they try and decide who or who isn’t a woman.

But while, I think the philosophy is hypocritical, there is also real life causes that are much more worrisome, and not just to transgenders but also to feminism and equal rights as a whole.

The groups they have aligned themselves with using there talking points also actively fight against feminism as I’ve mentioned before , just on this issue, while they gain prominence however, they also give power, to those who stand for everything they say they’re against but its also created an odd parallel, the people they help will gladly take credit for there accomplishments but also when they go over the top are quick to talk about how its an example of the left destroying itself.

When T.E.R.Fs win, they benefit the other side, but when they lose, they harm the very side they claim to represent, T.E.R.Fs are a small extremist group based in feminism but with all extremist groups, they will eventually take it too far, all eyes are on T.E.R.Fs in the media harassing people, all it takes is one small violent move to make there reputation get a lot worse than what it is.

But the groups they’re now associated with, are known to be dishonest and disassociate themselves when things get too far, but when T.E.R.Fs eventually take it too far, they will be disowned and it won’t matter if the talking points or the same or that they’ve been together in agreement this time, the group will be hung out to dry and not as there own but as another victim of the lefts failing agenda or as another crushing blow to why feminism doesn’t work.

But if somehow, the rise of T.E.R.Fs leads to any change in law then that won’t be beneficial to anyone as it could intentionally introduce a loose law such as ruling people should be allowed to deny that doctors should be allowed to refuse medical treatment to patients even if there in life threatening situations, that law was made for Trans people but never specifies, it can be technically legal for a person to refuse them on anything such as skin color or orientation, which knowing racists, sexists and homophobes, abusing laws is pretty much there superpower

Speaking of T.E.R.Fs, the new thing is trying to play the victims by commenting about how T.E.R.F is a slur, the same tactic racists came up with saying they prefer to be called race realists, they must be learning a little bit from there racist BFFs

T.E.R.Fs are nothing more than a self destruction waiting to happen that is going to harm anyone around involved or associated with and as it deems further and further into acting more like an alt right 4 chan page than an expression of feminism.

Before I end this, I would like to say thank you to all the feminists who have stood by the trans community and didn’t get involved in this, this blog was only aimed at a specific type of person using the name feminism, as for the ideals of feminism and woman equality, I support it one hundred percent and think the majority of feminists are amazing people who fight for woman’s equality, despite a smear campaign, despite the sexism and the difficulties, they show an incredible strength and am always proud to stand with them

Why I no longer like JK Rowling

Of all the controversies that have bombarded in the last couple of years, the JK Rowling one has stood out to me and I think that it stood out because it was so unexpected, when I first read it, I was in disbelief feeling personally let down.

You might think I’m completely overreacting, and I may think you don’t understand, however I am entitled to support and be offended by whom I choose so if you’re just going to jump onto this to try and paint me as too sensitive or make comments about my gender, feel free but I won’t pay you any attention, as far as I’ve always seen it, the people who like to call other people insecure or offended or incredible hypocrites who when called out on there hypocrisy, resort to name calling and losing their temper, I see it as a form of projection, not a statement.

Anyway, I loved the Harry Potter series as a child, might be a bit cliche to hear as its been expressed so much but especially at its prime, the series was a massive part of everyone’s childhood at the time, it was a series that touched all of us, I don’t think there is a kid out there who didn’t dream of going to Hogwarts and have there favorite house, mine was Ravenclaw because I value intelligence as an extremely valuable attribute and I also thought the houses were a great way because the houses offered a positive way to describe yourself, Bravery, Cunning, Intelligence and Loyalty, all attributes anyone, child or adult can agree, it feels good to focus on a positive aspect of yourself.

The chamber of secrets was the first introduction I had to the series, I bought it in hype for the first movie that was being released at the time, still to this day the chamber of secrets has been the book I love the most, I know, most people would rather say Prisoner of Azkabam was a much better storyline, but chamber of secrets always had the nostalgia factor going for me, plus having a slight case of Ophiodiophobia (Fear of snakes) I think that it caused a bigger tension for me than the dementors.

As you can tell, I have given this a lot of thought, I loved, the books, the movies, the videogames, bought the merchandise, and also supported JK Rowling in other books and franchises, I’m not the biggest fantastic beast fans, don’t mean that as an insult, I just find them disappointing, even though I’m always willing to give it a chance, I always try to distance myself from public opinion and form my own so, I’m not just following the popular trend when I say, I didn’t enjoy them particularly, the second is much lower in quality than the first in my opinion.

I would have been a fan of the series even without the author, but whenever I began to see JK Rowling, I would hear her speak about the LGBT community and how she supports them, and I grew a load of respect for her, I especially believed her words seeing as the series she wrote pushed a positive message about acceptance, never being afraid to be yourself and judging people on not who they are but what they do and who they are on the inside.

That message resonated with all kids and adults alike and held a special meaning for people in the LGBTQ+ community, seeing as this is a message that has been associated with the LGBTQ+ since its very creation, but as the Harry Potter series ended and I continued to support Jk Rowling, things began to become really weird.

After 2011 and the final movie came out, JK Rowling tried other things releasing a book titled the casual vacancy in 2012, which all in all is a pretty good book, but the problem to a lot of the fans of JK Rowling it had a massive problem, it wasn’t Harry Potter.

Although the book was successful, it had one problem with the fans, it wasn’t Harry Potter, the book was successful but it could never match the success of the Harry Potter series and all the fans wanted was to hear about Harry Potter and be ingested in some more Harry Potter, I did a review on the casual vacancy years ago where I talked about the comparisons between it and Harry Potter were completely unfounded as I found many people just jumped on to make a statement and say this isn’t Harry Potter, a completely unnecessary comparison as the two weren’t trying at any attempt to be simular.

It was irritating for me and I imagine it must have been hell for her, since the casual vacancy, Rowling’s attempt to move on from the Potter universe had failed, since the casual vacancy, Rowling has only been involved in expanding the Harry Potter universe and answering the fans.

That is not used as an insult, it was perfectly fine to do all of that.

but then, I think as all we can remember it got weird, first Dumbledore was gay, fine bit weird there was no mention but cool, Hermione is black, fair enough, okay that there was no mention, doesn’t really change much of the story really, but then it just got out of control.

Peter Petigrew was a rat that used to crawl up his victims ass to kill them, Ron, Hermione, and Harry used to appear in multiple threesomes, Dobby was a sex slave to the Malfoys, Harry has marital problems with Ginny due to erectile dysfunction, Wizards shat on the floor and then used magic to make it disappear, and while she was doing this, she was liking a bunch of transphobic tweets.

I never paid too much attention to the liking of the transphobic tweets, as I find people can easily like something without understanding the full context or reading about whats going on but it did made me question something.

Is this the world of equality that she envisions the LGBT community wants, a hyperbolic sexualized world were these wizards who were all inclusive acted like animals and would have sex with anything or anyone that came into existence.

This world she was creating was becoming disgusting and as she has every right to do with her work as she sees fit, the Harry Potter community was confused about what her actual ideals were or if the inclusion of everyone was just something to benefit her career as she seemed to have no idea of what being in the LGBTQ+ community actually is, being gay, such as with saying Dumbledore was gay but then coming back to talk about his sexual relationship shifting the focus on everything Dumbledore was remembered for to just people talking about his sex life.

If these were her views all along, then why couldn’t there have been any mention of any of this, I’ve heard a lot of people say it wouldn’t have sold as well at the time, but any author can tell you you can create story lines with subtext, along with if you have stood by with LGBTQ+ as you claimed then you would at least show some fight for there inclusion before they helped you on the career to being successful and not after you had it.

I saw her complaining about how its her story and how she is the author, she can do what its like to because its her story, which is true but its also true that the fans have the right to publicly criticize someones story as when it is published as public then it will be reviewed as such by members of the public.

But the respect I had for her was completely diminished by her public defence of Maya Forestarter a woman whose contract was refused to be renewed for expressing views considered transphobic.

But the story she had linked to didn’t exactly sound like she was stating, Maya was not fired, her contract was refused to be renewed because she refused to follow gender recognition laws, also she wasn’t stating sex was real, she refused to acknowledge staff and customers by there preferred pronouns along with members of staff who worked with her at the time coming out to say, she consistently caused uncomfortable situations that were completely unnecessary.

Framing it in a way that she simply made a mistake and was fired altering the story and pushing it onto your fans as a form of injustice is transphobic because it shows an immediate bias, also using they want to attack your right to freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech does not constitute harassment, look at it this way, you may not believe in God but you’d never hopefully try to question someones beliefs because its your opinion when you know personally its none of your business, this doesn’t come down to whos right or wrong at the end of the day, its about equal harrassment laws that should exist for everyone.

Even if you use debunked biological science as a some type of blockade, it still doesn’t make it any more relevant, if a man was to believe that old debunked scientific study that woman have smaller brains due to their stature, and therefore that means they are less intelligent, if that’s there opinion should they be allowed to call woman stupid because its what they believe in, no because at the end of the day, the person receiving is being harassed and made to feel uncomfortable.

Also sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you? as if there was a common theme of transgender woman not getting consent before pursuing sexual intercourse

I have lost all respect for JK rowling, not because of being transphobic, for the fact she made a career including I support LGBTQ+ people only to years later when a member of that group is fighting for there right to equality, she willingly sacrifices them, not only has this incident made me question her motives but also made me question if anything she has ever said has been her true opinion or just simple pandering to a base to be more likeable

She hasn’t replied to anyone on her comments but she did come out recently and say that Voldemert is a nationalist, and has frequently spoke of how awful it was while also ignoring, the talking points shes using to demean trans come from nationalist and conservative talking points, so I guess they make sense when she chooses.

I will always love the movies and books and not judge any of the actors or people who worked on the movie based on who created it, so many people put work into it and I still love Danielle Radcliffe, Emma Watson, the directors, the artists and that will keep me being able to watch them.

They still do have a positive message of love and acceptance for all people along with a great story and the words still ring as true as ever even when the person who wrote them isn’t able to follow them themselves.

I still love the series but as for the creator, to me, she looks nothing more than a giant hypocrite who I can’t take with a believable tone anymore, for the woman that now claims that biology and opinions are the most important thing, even more important that the protection of a vulnerable 0.3 percentage with the highest rate of suicide and assault, i’d like to leave you with a few quotes that came from the very books that she wrote and that many people have chosen to live by and better themselves

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